Servas International General Assembly 2012

10/04/2012 Off Por mribeirodantas

Invitation to Register for Servas International General Assembly 2012


Dear Servas members, key people and friends worldwide,

SI EXCO, Servas Poland and the organizing team are happy to invite you to register for the 29th International Conference and General Assembly (GA) in Poland.

To register yourself for the GA, please follow the following simple steps:

Stage 1:

1.    Go to the registration web page at

2.    Please read the welcome message.

3.    Click on <Start registration> at the bottom of the page.

4.    Read the guidelines which appear.

5.    At the end of the guidelines page click on the button marked <Register>

6.    Start filling in all the required personal information. Mainly the mandatory ones as indicated by *.

You may also fill in the other data. Even if you are not sure of some information, (for example, your date of arrival in Poland or departure from Poland), you may fill in the best available information. You will be able to change it any time later on.

7.    After filling in all the information, please read and agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on the square box at the end of the list.

8.    Enter the CAPTCHA characters, which you see on the screen and click on the <Create new account> button.

Your new account has been created and saved.

Stage 2:

9.    Within a few minutes, you should receive an e-mail with a temporary password, which is valid for one day and one time use only.

Important – In case you do not get any e-mail after a reasonable time, please check your Spam and/or Junk Mail folders, in case this letter, coming from a new address, was considered spam or junk mail by your spam filter.

10.     Log into to your account by using your e-mail address and the provided password, or by simply clicking on the link sent in your e-mail.

11.     Chose a new password and change the temporary one immediately after logging in. It’s recommended to save and remember it for future use as well.

12.     On your next login to the site, or as soon as convenient, please also upload a portrait photo of yours.
To do this, after logging in:
A. Click on “My account” and then click on <Edit>.

B. Go to the bottom of the “Account” section, where it says, “Picture, upload picture” and click on “Browse”.

C. Select from your computer, the picture file you want to upload.

D. After uploading it, click on “Save”.


This photo will help the organizers, but mainly it will be used for the List of Participants, which will be provided to all participants, once it is ready.

13.     You have now completed your pre-registration. That is, your registration form is ready for EXCO and the organizers to work with. Thank you for taking the time to pre-register with the maximum information you could provide.


  • ·      Now, you can log into your account any time using your e-mail address and the new chosen password you have created. You can also edit and change your personal information already entered, or add more information at any time.
  • ·      In case of any problems or questions, please send an e-mail to the organizing team at Please try to describe exactly what the problem is.
  • ·      EXCO and the organizing team will do their best to attend to your problem soon.

Stage 3:

You will be informed by the organizing team whether accommodation is available for you. If accommodation is available, you will be invited to deposit your registration fee in SI’s bank account in Switzerland.

Stage 4:

After your registration fee has been received, you will hear from the organizing team confirming that you have been registered.


Thank you for reading this information carefully. We are looking forward to meeting you soon in person.

SI EXCO, Servas Poland and the organizing team
You are invited to register now at